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Description : News at a glance. That is how the popular and much awaited half-hour programme on Swarnawahini 'Mul Pituwa' greets people each morning. Despite the existence of many similar programmes 'Mul Pituwa' has emerged to the forefront in a short time. "Most of these programmes focus mainly on the headlines and cover stories that appear in newspapers printed in the vernacular, they are not broad based enough to include the multi-dimensional aspects of the local political, religious and financial scene. It is in this aspect that we have strived to make a difference by including news stories, feature articles, reviews, cartoons and even from websites. In this manner we are making every effort to project a well rounded programme where all our viewers have the opportunity to obtain information from varying sources and in the three languages", Mr. Padmakumara said. Watch swarnawahini Mulpituwa | Mulpituwa Videos | Today, Yesterday, All Previous Video, Episodes, YouTube Videos

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