This Is What Happens When You Place An Ice Cube At This P


The ancient Chinese believe that energy runs throughout the body in certain pathways that they call meridians, which are connected to pressure points and vital organs. Because of that, massaging the pressure points can help release tension and help organs function better. Todays video will discuss ways to improve health and organ function by utilizing these pressure points. One such point is located on the neck and is said to contribute to happiness, health, energy and mood. Legend has it that if you take an ice cube and place it on this pressure point, which is located at the back of the neck, between the tendons, up near the hairline, it will improve your overall well-being. To experience this benefit, simply place an ice cube on the pressure point and secure it to your neck with a scarf or some type of bandage. After a few seconds, the skin will become numb and a warming sensation will be felt. Leave the ice cube on the pressure point for at least twenty minutes. For best

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