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GarlicZoom minces garlic without the mess
GarlicZoom minces garlic without the mess

Easy Chicken Kottu Recipe
Who needs store made kottu when you can make this delicious one a

Mexico breaks its own record for worlds largest sandwich
Mexico City breaks a record for the longest sandwich ever prepare

Indian Cook Throws Dough 20ft
The dishes are literally flying out of kitchen at this quirky Ind

Introducing Silent Snacks from TodayTix
Introducing Silent Snacks from TodayTix, in partnership with the

Ice Cream Rolls
A street vendor in Phuket, Thailand makes us some instant chocola

3 Ingredients Japanese Cotton Cheesecake
Necessary Equipment: 15cm (6inch) round cake pan electric mixer

Pol Mallum Recipe
kitchen whenever she's got time on her hands. She brings to you

Beer Hoppers and Katta Sambol Recipe
Beer Hoppers? Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Get cooking!

More Amazing KIDS CAKES Compilation
DIY your FAVORITE kids cakes!!

Stir Fried Dried Shrimp Koonisso Recipe
A spicy dish of Koonisso?

Devilled Capsicum Recipe
This yummy devilled capsicum dish is sure to spice up your day an