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You understand how dangerous the girls are, what's the last thing you'll see
Do you understand how dangerous girls are? Look at what's happeni

See what harodsppens last on Podda to beat them with the iron
Remember to watch Podda on the sounds of those who drowned Aachis

Gnunes who have tried to work can say that they will look at themselves like these
The Ultimate Escalator FAIL Compilation

Do not do jokes with their eyes. They said good
Do not make fun of these jokes. She said hello. Do not make fun o

See how the five best wedding feels like this
Do not forget that such a madman does not like this.

Do not laugh if you can not give names like this
Do not give a donut, donkey. Do not joke with ears

The girls ask him to ask him to eat, and if they can, they laugh and eat
They ask if they want to eat, if they can not laugh, some people

Have a girlfriend who is sleeping in the bus to see the video last
Remember that there are people who are so kind .Look at lying and

To see the video, finally get to work

During a power boat race on Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri,

They come to work in the elevator and work for the girls
How to judge a person? By their activities while being stuck in a

It's unfortunate
Do not try to be proud in the people There are people like this.

There were two girls when my mom was in a crazy room when
There are two girls who are crazy when they are crazy when they a