Animal videos


Man Helps Mother Horse Get Her Trapped Baby Safe
A man stumbled upon a baby horse stuck on a bridge with his mom h

Dog Rides Bus Alone Wins Hearts
A black Labrador named Eclipse just wants to get to the dog park.

Chicken Plays America the Beautiful
This genius chicken knows every single note of "America the Beaut

Dog Gets one Sweet Surprise
This video shows myself hiding inside a box from my dog Sandy who

Baboon Is Amazed By Mans Magic Trick
A man goes to the local zoo and performs a magic trick for one of

Crow riding windshield wipers
The event took place as I left my home with a friend. We immediat

Man and Goose A Love Story
Published on Sep 18, 2015 Dominic Ehrler was taking his regula

Woman Chased By Hundreds of Rabbits Rabbit island Japan
The original Rabbit Stampede- woman chased by hundreds of cute ra

Dog dance.......
Brazilian Street dog can't stop dancing with the music

Japanese Zoo Builds Elephant Pool
The Fuji Safari Park in Japan recently gave its elephants a 65-me

dead fish is alive
this fish is a bowfin and 40 min after the head was gone and scal

Puppies Doing Handstand
Puppies Doing Handstand Compilation Good meal can make every pup