Animal videos


Dog Keeps Trying To Bite Bone In Bowl
He just wants the bone at the bottom of his bowl Carl: dude its a

Orangutan finds magic trick hilarious
HAHA watch this Orangutan laugh as he is impressed by this magic

Lion Uses Hippo Carcass As Life Raft
A HUNGRY lion bites off more than he can chew after trying to fea

Fox Snatches Pizza from Car
I worked and then I saw that the fox was heading into my car so I

Elephants take part in a beauty pageant in Nepal
Elephant beauty pageant takes place in Nepal as part of a 5-day f

Elegant Cat Walk
Even highly-paid professional models sometimes have difficulties

I think this hamster is broken
I think this hamster is broken

goats balancing on a flexible steel ribbon
goats balancing on a flexible steel ribbon Merci beaucoup pour le

Causal understanding of water displacement by a crow
Using the Aesop's Fable paradigm to investigate causal understand

Monkey Buffet Festival
Monkey Buffet Festival ? Lopburi, Thailand 2014 ? Greatest Festiv

Elephants follow a woman riding a bicycle
Watch this adorable footage of elephants following Lek who is rid

Breakdancing Gorilla Enjoys Pool Behind the Scenes
Watch Zola gorilla demonstrate play behaviors as he splashes and