Animal videos


Fox Snatches Pizza from Car
I worked and then I saw that the fox was heading into my car so I

Elephants take part in a beauty pageant in Nepal
Elephant beauty pageant takes place in Nepal as part of a 5-day f

Elegant Cat Walk
Even highly-paid professional models sometimes have difficulties

I think this hamster is broken
I think this hamster is broken

goats balancing on a flexible steel ribbon
goats balancing on a flexible steel ribbon Merci beaucoup pour le

Causal understanding of water displacement by a crow
Using the Aesop's Fable paradigm to investigate causal understand

Monkey Buffet Festival
Monkey Buffet Festival ? Lopburi, Thailand 2014 ? Greatest Festiv

Elephants follow a woman riding a bicycle
Watch this adorable footage of elephants following Lek who is rid

Breakdancing Gorilla Enjoys Pool Behind the Scenes
Watch Zola gorilla demonstrate play behaviors as he splashes and

Guy teaches dog to trust fall
Watson is not an ordinary Golden Retriever. He can perform a trus

Bird Enjoys Makeshift Shower How to make a bird shower
Bird Enjoys Makeshift Shower This owner built his pet bird a show

Amazing video of an alligator that is on the loose in South Carol