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Beer Chugging Swimming Race in Munich Germany
On a random Saturday morning we were strolling through the Englis

sitting volleyball
Watch and enjoy this clip featuring a very intense and very enter

Official Suffers Painful Death After Track Crossing Snafu
Stanford Invitational Track Meet: An unfortunate official wanders

Tell Me Your Excuse again
what is your excuse keep going don't give up

How the wicket keeper
The wicket-keeper in the sport of cricket is the player on the fi

RCB celebrates Chris Gayles 10000 T20 Runs
It's a party when Chris Gayle gets going! (Bonus: Chris Gayle's 1

Road to WrestleMania 33: John Cena & Nikki Bella vs.

For WWE's "It" couples, this battle at WrestleMania 33 is as pers

15 Really Buff Women
Some ladies take bodybuilding to the extreme! Here are 15 really

Desde piernas fracturadas, hasta brazos rotos, estas son 5 horrib

Fastest 100m in high heels in Guinness World Record
Running in high heels has the potential of leaving you with a bro

Australia vs Sri Lanka T20 .............
Australia vs Sri Lanka 2nd T20 Highlights - Thriller 2nd T20 High