Supplying uninterrupted power a challenge again - Ministry

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The Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy states that the continuous supply of electricity has once again become a challenge.

This is owing to the drop in the hydro-electricity generation and the increased daily electricity demand, according to the Media Spokesperson of the Ministry Sulakshana Jayawardena.

The water level of the main reservoirs – Castlereigh, Maussakelle, Victoria, Kotmale and Randenigala –which are utilized to generate hydro-electricity, had been at 29.9% before rainfall, said Jayawardena.

During that time, the electricity supply had to be restricted over challenges in generating electricity; this was rectified on the 10th of April, he said.

However, there is a challenge to provide electricity as current the water levels of these reservoirs are at 32.5%, says the Spokesperson.

Currently, the daily contribution of hydroelectricity is around 10-21%, and solar and wind electricity contributes to 2-3% of the daily power requirements.

However, the Ministry is working towards providing a continuous supply of electricity to the consumers, he further said.

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