Will impeach President if arbitrary behaviour continues - JVP

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If President Maithripala Sirisena continues to act arbitrarily, an impeachment would be brought forth against him, says the Propaganda Secretary of JVP Vijitha Herath.

He stated this addressing a press conference held at the party headquarters this morning (14).

“The verdict given by the Supreme Court is historic. The JVP took decisive measures to defeat the political conspiracy that took place recently. We struggled bravely and fearlessly in the Parliament, before the judiciary and along with the public,” he said.

MP Herath further said that this verdict of the Supreme Court an indispensable decision on behalf of democracy and that it is not a victory of UNP or Ranil Wickremesinghe.

The seven-judge bench has concluded that people’s right to vote and right to equality in accordance with Article 12.1 of the Constitution have been violated, he said.

Commenting further MP Herath said that certain people try to interpret this decision as an obstruction to hold elections, however, the Supreme Court has not issued a verdict against holding elections.

President Maithripala Sirisena cannot arbitrarily snatch the time period mentioned in the Constitution for elections, he said.

MP Herath noted that the Supreme Court for the first time has voided a decision taken by the President and proven that the Constitution is not something to be played with as one wishes.

President Sirisena cannot act against the law any further and the Supreme Court has prevented the harm that could be done to the country by allowing an arbitrary power, MP Herath commented.

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