Five including two women arrested with heroin

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Three individuals including two youths from the same family have been arrested today (21) in Kadana area in Badulla for the possession of heroin.

Accordingly, Badulla Police has seized 50 g of heroin in possession of the suspects.

The two brothers are reportedly aged 27 and 30 years while the other arrestee is a 53-year-old person, the police said.

During this raid, the police had arrested another youth, aged 21 years, along with 1000 mg of Kerala Cannabis.

Meanwhile, in a separate raid conducted by the Ambalangoda Police, two women have been apprehended for the possession of heroin worth over Rs 400,000.

The officers of Ambalangoda Police had held a three-wheeler travelling in the proximity Ambalangoda beach on suspicion and uncovered 04 g 270 mg of heroin during the inspection.

Reportedly, there had been a small girl along with the two women, who are said to be sisters residing in Ambalangoda area, at the time of the inspection.

The police officers had also searched the child who was in the vehicle and uncovered 08 packets containing 95 mg heroin concealed inside the girl’s clothing.

The driver of the three-wheeler has also been taken into custody.

The suspects are to be produced before the Balapitiya Magistrate’s Court today (21).

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