How Deepika - Ranveer wedding is killing Bollywood?

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Bollywood, as we all know, is movies and events driven everything is planned around these events and their release dates and for thought goes into deciding the release date of the first look, movie teasers, movie trailer and the date of release of the movie. These dates often change at the request of the movie makers to their competitor which may or may not friends or foes. Basically, it is all driven to catch the maximum eye-balls which in turn results in bigger openings and collection for the movies.

The PR agencies and publicists have a lot of say on these matters and are generally on top of these things and these decisions play crucial roles in the success and failures of the movie. We have witnessed that a number of movies flopped just because of the release date which ultimately true to be the ditch dug by the strategists as it has generally been seen that a big banner movie or movie with a good star cast always get a bigger opening even it is competing with the meaningful and quality cinema. So we have seen even good movies failing miserably at the Box-Office as the timing of its release was not to their liking.

Now let's see the havoc played by the wedding ceremony of Bollywood and audience's favourite stars Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh. Everyone knew the date of their much-hyped wedding at Lake Como, Lombardy in Northern Italy. As a result, the filmmakers didn't release the posters, first look, teaser or trailer of their respective movies. So much so we don't even see big banners releasing any movies coinciding with the weekend of the DeepVeer wedding. No wonder the theatres are empty and quiet non-descript movies like Mohalla Assi and Hotel Milan got released.

It is not only the movies are going to falter on the box office, nothing of note has been released by the movie makers on social media. As a result, the audience is absent from the internet and this long week is basically turned out to be an extended vacation for Bollywood. The onus for this masala less week scarcely goes to DeepVeer and their utterly shocking decision not to share anything worthwhile related to the wedding with their hungry fans. The audience has virtually been left in the lurch by the strategist behind this strange decision.

Let's hope this eventless week teaches a lot of lessons to the movie makers and much-loved stars of Bollywood.

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