New salary structure for university staff

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An independent committee will be appointed by Higher Education Minister Kabhir Hashim to propose a common salary structure for the university nonacademic staff that is on strike over several demands.The Co-Chairman of the University Joint Trade Unions Alliance Gayan Nimesh Perera said the independent committee is to forward its proposals to the minister within three months.

Perera was speaking at a press brief held at the Jathika Sevaka Sangamaya headquarters in Pitakotte yesterday.He said that 98% of the issues raised by the strikers have been met with solutions following a series of meetings held with Minister Hashim and other responsible parties. “The strikers are not agreeing with the 10% salary arrears being given from April onwards. They want it to be given from January this year. That is one issue.

The other issue is the cancellation of the agreement that was reached by the strikers, the UGC and the government in 2016 in accordance with the circular issued. If we get to solve these two matters, we will be able to call off the strike before the new year,” he said. The strikers also held a demonstration at Lotus road, yesterday afternoon.The strike reached the 43rd day yesterday.

More than 15,000 non-academic University staff members including 25 trade unions support the trade union action which was first launched on February 27. Their demands include a solution to issues pertaining to their monthly allowance, based on an agreement which was reached in 2016.

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