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A teacher can be a mentor, a guide and in rare cases, even a friend. ‘Hichki’ relates the story of one such teacher. What makes Naina different from other teachers is her Tourette Syndrome.

She makes hiccups and clicking noises due to a neurological disorder. She fight to achieve her dream was powered by her school principal who inspired her to apply as a teacher for the same school in another time period. She succeeds in finding employment but other than overcoming her own personal handicaps she also has to deal with a pack of 14 scoundrels, the 9F class of the school, which is made up of children from the nearby slum who are rejected by the rest of the student body as well as the teachers. This affects their mentality as they are made to feel that they can never live up to expectations. They mock Nina at every turn. However she does not lose heart and finally manages to win over their trust and friendship.

After a considerable breaking from acting talented Bollywood actress of ‘Black’ fame Rani Mukerji returns to the screen in a challenging role. The film too is not your typical Bollywood movie as it lacks one of the main ingredients in most Bollywood films: romance.

However ‘Hichki’ touches the hearts of its viewers due to its freshness of storyline and the fun involved in many of its episodes. There is so much of love and appreciation in Siddharth P Malhotra’s film that you cannot help shedding a tear and a sigh at the end of the tale. It also encompasses a universal theme that almost all of us can relate to.

Once again Rani leaves us awe struck with her powerful performance. She does not bat an eye lid in carrying off the Tourette Syndrome effected Naina as the illness is something which is quite new to her. We really feel for the energy and the never give up attitude related to the protagonist.

‘Hichki’ is screening at Majestic cinema and other film halls islandwide. 

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