Age old systems rest on the hands of voters – purples and election blues

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Every person in Sri Lanka who goes to cast their vote is left with a mark on their finger.

This is done in order to prevent people from casting their vote more than once, which is illegal. However, leaving a mark on a person finger is an old technique.

Should this continue to happen in a democratic country?

If a voter refuses to allow his/ her finger to be coloured, then the election officials have the power to not issue a ballot paper.

In today’s context, the voting systems are computerised. Therefore, a person cannot cast their vote twice. On the other hand, now, unlike in the past, no voter is allowed to vote without a valid identity card. One who wants to cheat, can easily cheat by using chemicals in the open market, to erase the body paint on the finger.

Today, modern technology is being used, with the help of biometrics, to grant travel documents and  visas to enter the developed world. But our election systems seem to function on ‘old systems’ and adhere to age-old theories and regulations that seem to solely rely on the painting our bodies, and leaves no room for protest.

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