CWC to consult President on forming new councils

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The Ceylon Workers Congress (CWC) yesterday said the party will continue to support President Maithripala Sirisena as the CWC is still an ally of the United People’s Freedom Alliance.

CWC Leader Arumugam Thondaman said he will meet President Maithripala Sirisena to discuss on how power can be shared in the councils won by his party in the upcountry today.

“We have won 11 councils in the upcountry and many of them would be governed by ourselves”, he said.

Thondaman added that some of the councils will be run with the support of the Sri Lanka Podu Jana Peramuna (SLPP).We will strive to make the people’s expectations a reality by gaining control of several local government bodies with the support of the SLPP

“There were only 40 members in the council and now it has increased to 130 to 150.We need to carry on with the support of the SLPP. We have informed the President about this”, he said.

Thondaman further said that since the CWC is still with the UPFA, all final decisions will be taken after consulting the President. “We were not in power for the past three years and as a result the people in the upcountry were in dispair. Now, we have got another opportunity to serve them and uplift their living standards while ensuring a better future for them," he said.

When asked about the prevailing turmoil within the national government, he said that they will continue to support President Maithripala Sirisena, no matter what.

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