Be impartial at LG polls; HRC warned public servants

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Non-implementation of the law, abuse of authority including use of powers in a politically partial manner in the present Local Government Elections period (such as permitting some political parties and groups to use public property and resources in violation of the law) result in violation of fundamental rights, in addition to state responsibility and officers responsible for such action/inaction would be held personally responsible for violations, the Human Rights Commission informed all public officers.
Issuing a circular to the Secretaries to the President, Prime Minister, all ministries and All Chief Secretaries to Provincial Councils, the Chairperson of the Commission, Dr. Deepika Udagama urged all public officers to use the power according to the law.

She pointed out that the right to vote has been declared a fundamental right by the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka and as such, when an election takes place all public officers in particular are bound to ensure that the election takes place in conformity with the Constitution and prevailing laws. Public officers vested with responsibility should conduct their official duties in compliance with such laws and act fairly and impartially.

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