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Bound to the grace of hypnotizing sound-waves, many a heart beat together on a night so remarkable when‘Rhythm of Heart–Sahakampana’ music CD was launched recently at Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, Colombo 07.

President Maithripala Sirisena, who was to grace the event as the chief guest, could not participate due to unavoidable circumstances.

‘Rhythm of Heart – Sahakampana’was composed under the guidance of Minister of Internal Affairs, Wayamba Development and Cultural Affairs, S. B. Nawinna and the Deputy Minister, Palitha Thevarapperuma. And the project received the consultancy of Secretary of Ministry of Internal Affairs, Wayamba Development and Cultural Affairs, D. Swarnapala. The music album, a composition by those who are differently abled but with talents beyond measure, was launched in collaboration with the State Arts Festival for the persons with special requirements, 2017.

‘Rhythm of heart – Sahakampana’ was brought to life with the voices and words of 22 young artists who also contributed to the endeavor by adorning most of the songs with their own tunes.

“Graduates and individuals who have studied music in depth are among the artists,” said Anusha Gokula, director of the Department of Cultural Affairs.

“Through this endeavor, we intend to bring the community of differently abled persons to an equal level with the rest of the society,” Gokula said further. “We intend to make their talents known nationally and even internationally.”

Gokula also added that the Department of Cultural Affairs expects to hold music concerts island-wide, bringing the endeavor to a further step.

Tremendous artists

“Most of the songs in Sahakampana are based on the writer’s own personal experiences,” said artist Buddhadasa Galappaththi who contributed to the project as a part of the panel of judges who selected 14 songs for the album out of numerous lyrical confessions.

“Most of the songs are woven around the subject of love,” he said further.“But there are also instances when the writer looks at certain social phenomena with satire. Through their lyrics, the writer plays the role of social observer and thus, gives life to creations with a social conscience.”

These songs contain more beauty, enchantment and love than the lyrics that come with modern music where most of the based concepts are meaningless, Galappaththi added.

“And converging love into words is something that one can never quite accomplish.

But a creative writer has the ability to explore the same subject without losing its artistic essence.”

“These young artists have capabilities beyond our own,” he remarked. “Their creations are wonderful and full of meaning.”

Along with Galappaththi, judges Yamuna Malini and Dammika Pathiraja also contributed to the process of selecting the best lyrics.

“This is a new experience to me,” said artist Janaka Fonseka, music director of Sahakampana and consultant of State Music Ensemble which provided music for the album. “I have no words to describe the support the singers provided to make this endeavor possible.”

The reason behind the success of Sahakampana is the dedicated support given by all the artists, he added. “There were nights when we worked till the breaking of dawn and the work was enjoyable all throughout.”

Sarath Fernando, Asoka Indunil and Dammika Pathiraja also were in the panel of judges who selected the best vocals for the album.

Unforgettable night

“I am really happy about the success of Sahakampana,” said Maduranga Jayarathne, one of the singers who contributed to the project. “This is the first opportunity I received to sing for an album and I am really thankful.”To Pradeep Sanjeewa, it was “an unforgettable night.” I feel genuinely happy about the opportunity I was given, I have no words to express it,he said. “I am thankful for everyone who made this possible,” said Dinesh Premakumara. “I hope we all can move onwards as children of one family. We belong to one Mother, so, let’s work together and go a long way forward.” Yes, indeed, we all belong to one Mother. And we all know that the word ‘differently-abled’ should arouse nothing but a sense of kinship in our hearts. And our fast-paced society would be more complete and would achieve greater victories if we proceeded together, for each and every one of us is able of something beautiful. 

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