Time to develop a nut allergy

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The original 2014 film, The Nut Job, was bad enough in many levels. So news that there is going to be a sequel comes as a surprise for many cinemagoers. Once you have gone through the process of watching the movie you have decided that part two is no better than part one.

The story begins with Surly, the annoying purple squirrel, living it up with his park animal friends in the basement of a bankrupt nut store. They gorge on the free, seemingly endless supply of nuts that were left behind. Meantime Andie, the red squirrel whom Surly likes, believes that the animals should continue to forage for food. When the nut shop blows up, Andie wants them to go back to nature. But Surly with his rat friend Buddy looks for alternative ways to find food.

Enter the corrupt mayor of who wants to replace the park with an amusement park. His aim is to make more money. The animals gang up and fight back but they soon find themselves at the losing end. It is up to Surly to find a way to save them all and their home.

Asian market

It is pretty obvious ‘The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature’ is targeted at the Asian market. A new character – a grumpy, but cute, white mouse with kung fu skills called Mr Feng which is voiced by Jackie Chan in introduced with this concept in mind.

‘The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature’ features fluffy and furry creatures and nothing else. There is no depth or much laughter for the audience in the film. Though many of the pranks included in the story are aimed to provide comedy, they miss the mark. Only Precious, Surly’s pug friend bring on a few giggles as she is forced to hook up with the mayor’s daughter’s dog Frankie.

Nonsensical plot

You don’t need to see the first ‘Nut Job’ movie to follow the sequel’s nonsensical plot. Everything is laid out in the open to be absorbed. There is not much action taking place and you soon get bored with the story. Apart from Surly none of the other animals get much screen time or the opportunity to develop as characters.

The storyline has much potential but it is presented in a bland manner. Director Cal Brunker could have made a thrilling movie with amusement park rides and talking animals yet ‘The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature’ is rather boring to watch.

The story is predictable, but it is much better that the sleep-inducing first movie. And there seems to be a lack of continuity with the first film, especially with Buddy now being mute in this film.

In a golden age for animation this just isn’t good enough. Loud, silly and tiring, the movie will probably appeal to the younger audience but it is doubtful if the adults will even remain in their seats to watch what will happen at the end of the movie. 

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