Schoolgirl abducted in Weerawila

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A schoolgirl has been abducted by two youths in Weerawila. She was an A/L student in the Debarawewa National School.

It is reported that she was abducted in Weerawila when she had gone there after a tuition class in Tissamaharamaya.

The 16-year-old girl is second in a family of three girls.

The girl's father, Gamini Jayatilleke said that they suspect this abduction has taken place as a result of a love affair.

He said the girl was abducted on the 29th of July and a complaint was lodged with the Weerawila Police, regarding this.

He said a youth who is an area resident, had come after her seeking her consent, is now missing from the area.
(under the courtesy of hirunews news web)

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