National Police commission denies recommendations made to remove STF Commanding Officer

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Secretary of the National Police commission Ariyadasa Cooray stated that no recommendations were made by the commission to remove Senior DIG M.R Latheef from his post as Commanding Officer of the Police Special Task Force (STF) 
Speaking to the media he also stated that the commission had no intention of removing Senior DIG M.R.Latheef from his post of command. 

The secretary mentioned that the post of Commanding Officer should be borne by a DIG of the force. 

The commission was in the view that as Officer M.R.Latheef was a Senior DIG, several complications arose during his tenure.  

Taking the above into consideration, the commission had made a recommendation to the IGP to appoint a lower ranking DIG officer to the post of Commanding Officer of the Police STF.
Additionally, the commission had also requested the Inspector General to obtain approval from the Department of Management Services to facilitate the reassignment. 

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