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Dressing classy and clean is something we all yearn to achieve. Expensive brands and expensive taste does result in you looking rich and classy, but, do we only need an expensive wardrobe to feel that way?

Given the little high end brand flagship stores that are in the country, having your shopping sprees in places like Mango or French Connection or Giordano would be great, but, but for most of us, it’ll drive us completely broke. It’s great if you can buy whatever you want whenever you want it. But sadly, that is not the case.

Now here in Lanka, there’s 2 types of styling we typically see. The posh style and the godey style. Now this is something I needn’t have to go in detail to. All those ladies you see, getting out of their chauffer driven Mercedes with a branded leather handbag and an absolutely classy outfit fall into the posh category. Then there are ones you see, who may also get down from chauffer driven cars, and step out in contrasting coloured shoes and bags in pants that are some kind of spandex or so, and blouses with patterns and prints that for our eyes, just does not seem put-together. This ladies and gentlemen, is the godey kind.

The difference between the two spheres is that the there’s only so few of the posh kind and so so many of the godey kind. And then there’s the lot that falls in the middle and yearns to dress like the ones at the top of the sphere, the posh ones. This article is here to help the ones in the middle and at the bottom move to the top. Is your wardrobe filled with leggings of different colours or loosely fitting out-of-sorts shades of blue or itty bitty tight t-shirts and ugly patterned blouses? Well, that means it needed some major upgrades!

As a little girl, I used to always focus on quantity and not quality. After my mom and I went shopping, I would always count the items of clothing I bought instead of looking at how pricey or branded they were. Now I get why someday my mom made me settle with just one dress or top after a trip to a shop. Your wardrobe needn’t have as much clothes as much as it should be having good quality ones. As a shopaholic, I am still at the phase where I am learning to resist the temptation to run into a store and grab everything that’s on sale but, I am getting there and you will too. Quality triumphs quantity any day. If the articles you have in your wardrobe are either high end brands or good quality outfits, you’re sorted. But if that’s not the cause and you’ve got a whole ton of clothes that you’ve bought through the years through even places like eBay, you’re bound to realise that your clothes aren’t really as long lasting as the former wardrobe I spoke about, this is why you need to make the switch.

Enough with this, now everything I s told you above is bound to cost you some money. Making the switch to higher end brands or resizing your wardrobe isn’t something you do overnight. It’s something you keep in mind so that the next time you go shopping, you game plan ensures that you only bring well-articulated clothing items home.

Here are some tips to look clean, classy and put-together without spending your money or making a big effort. Being the lazy bums we Sri Lankans are, I’m certain the following tips will spark you up immediately, like it did me.

Tip 01: Fit, cut and Tailoring

Items of clothing like blazers or skirts are essentially needed to fit you well. You wouldn’t want to get a blazer that’s too short or one that hangs too much over your wrists or looks too big or small from the shoulders. It’s the same with other items of clothing. If you’re wearing a blouse or top, you wouldn’t want it to fit you out of proportion. Learn a bit of sewing yourself or ask your mom or someone you know to stich your ill-fitting clothes so they fit you like its being custom made for you.

Well fit, cut and tailored clothes always make you look super classy and put-together. From blazer to jeans, especially blazers and jeans, one thing I see with a lot of Sri Lankan women is the fact that jeans they

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