Sarath Weerasekara petitions UNHRC over false report

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Former Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekera says that he will submit a complaint against the Human Rights Council and the High Commissioner regarding the resolution passed based on a ‘false report’.

He requested the UNHRC to halt implementing the resolution on Sri Lanka until his petition was heard.

Speaking at the 37th session of the Human Rights Council, Weerasekara said that the implementation of a resolution based on a false report reflects the violation of UN resolution, a serious violation of the human rights of Sri Lankans.

“Through his 37/23 report the Human Rights High Commissioner had updated the resolution 30/1 which should be implemented on Sri Lanka. On March 2017 presenting  two reports I pointed out that the OISL report which alleged Sri Lanka to have committed war crimes to be false” Weerasekara said. 
.”Geneva resolution was based on this OISL report. “
During his speech, Weerasekara claimed that the foreign Minister of Sri Lanka had sponsored the resolution without the consent of Sri Lankan President or the Parliament.

“The UN Human Rights Council has not been established above the law,” He said.

“Since all my attempts to bring this matter to the attention of the council were unsuccessful; I am presenting a complaint petition to the council. Although this is usually used against the states, I have clearly shown how this mechanism can be used against the Human Rights Council and the High Commissioner,” he said.

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