Restrictions will be placed on social media

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President Maithripala Sirisena said discussions will be held with the Facebook team to place restrictions on social media that spread racial or religious discord.

The President said this during a meeting with Sri Lankans living in Tokyo at the Imperial Hotel yesterday afternoon (13).

The President noted that the temporary block on Facebook that was imposed after the riots in Kandy and Ampara will be lifted within the next few days.

He noted that while using social media for social interaction and wellbeing is acceptable, there should be a mechanism to place restrictions in the event social media is used to destroy society.

According to the President, although immense knowledge could be derived from social media, telephones, computers and the internet, unfortunately, some elements in the country are using it to destroy the country.

New programme within the next few weeks:

Therefore, the President said he intends to introduce a new programme within the next few weeks to properly manage these assets.

President Sirisena said the country needs a social media network that promotes the right and ethical things, instead of using it to destroy national unity, national security and severe disgraceful and disrespectful content that harms others.

The government was forced to take measures to control social media since the recent incidents in the country as some elements were illegally using social media to create hate and racial content through social media that led to the recent clashes.

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