Rajapaksas are committing a serious crime by not supporting Maithri

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The Rajapaksas are committing a serious crime against the country by not supporting president Maithripala Sirisena, says political critic Prof. Nalin de Silva.

By not supporting Sirisena, the Rajapaksas are making him to seek the support of Ranil Wickremesinghe once again, which is a crime against the country, lankaleadnews quotes de Silva as saying.

Some want to gain power in 2025, but not to save the country, according to him.

De Silva goes on to say that he does see Sirisena as a person with Sinhala Buddhist sentiments, and the problem he is having is over the harassment he had undergone at the hand of a Rajapaksa.

However, his betrayal of the SLFP cannot be justified.

Today, he is having differences with Wickremesinghe, but some see it as an act.

Sirisena cannot remain in that state for much longer, and if he does not get the support of the Rajapaksas, he will once again seek Wickremesinghe.

On the other hand, Wickremesinghe will formulate a new constitution and gets what he wants done by 2020, and go onto further weaken the Sinhala Buddhist culture, de Silva adds.

(under the courtesy of srilankamirror.lk news web)

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