Calgary cyclists fundraise for Sri Lankan kids

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After being left for dead after a hit and run in 2014, a Calgary cyclist has recently finished a two-wheeled trek across the scorching trails of Oman.

Retired geologist Wallace King, 64, joined fellow Calgarians Pat Dodge and Yuri Lipkov on a 1,438 km ride across Oman — a country in the Middle East adjacent to the Arabian Sea — to raise money for the Rainbow Centre, a UK-registered charity helping Sri Lankan children in need.

King said he was cycling near Bragg Creek three years ago when he was hit, and spent five months in Foothills Hospital recovering from a serious head injury, five broken ribs and a broken collarbone.

The driver, said King, fled the scene and was never found.

But the accident gave King a renewed vigour for adventure and, when the retired Calgarian heard about the fundraising trip to Oman, he immediately jumped on board.

“It was a marvellous trip,” said King, who returned to Calgary last week.

“The people there were so friendly. I was so surprised — the drivers there treated us with so much respect. When they’d drive by, they’d wave and give us a thumbs-up. If we did that anywhere else, they’d probably throw coffee out the window at us,” he said with a laugh.

The troupe left Canada in late February and joined five other cyclists for the weeklong fundraiser, which raised more than $30,000 for the Rainbow

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