Samples of all fuels aboard ‘MT New Diamond’ collected today


Samples of all fuels aboard the ill-fated oil tanker ‘MT New Diamond’ will be obtained by the Marine Environment Protection Authority today (14).

A special team has already been deployed to the tanker for this purpose, stated the MEPA.

The tanker is currently anchored 52 nautical miles North from the Sangamon Kanda in eastern Sri Lanka.

The condition of the tanker is regularly checked with the use of divers, MEPA said.

Meanwhile, a special discussion is to be held today between the Attorney General and heads of all agencies that were involved in the firefighting process.

Officials from the Sri Lanka Navy, the Ports Authority, the Coast Conservation Department, the MEPA, and the Department of Merchant Shipping are expected to participate in the meeting.

The future course of action to be taken with regard to the tanker will be discussed at the meeting, MEPA added.


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