Over 320 kg of heroin and Ice handed over to Govt. Analyst’s Dept.


The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) handed over more than 320 kilograms of heroin and Ice (Methamphetamine) seized by the Police Narcotics Bureau (PNB) during raids, to the Government Analyst’s Department today (20).

This was to determine whether the composition of the relevant drugs had been changed.

Investigations are currently underway on several PNB officials arrested by the CID on the allegations of drug trafficking.

Police stated that the last batch of narcotic drugs which were to be handed over to the Government Analyst was handed over to the Department today.

Accordingly, 279 kilograms and 500 grams of heroin, and 45 kilograms and 654 grams of Ice have been handed over in this manner.

Further, two vehicles seized by the PNB over drug tracking have also been handed over to the Government Analyst.


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