Online application system for A/L schools


The Education Ministry has introduced an online application system for Advanced Level applicants, following the Covid 19 outbreak.

With the online application process, which began on Wednesday , applicants need not call over at schools to hand over their applications or wait for school opening, Education Ministry sources said. Accordingly based on the Ordinary Level Examination 2019 results, students can apply online for Advanced Levels by logging on to the website. Any of the three languages can be used, but Sinhala and Tamil letters must be typed in Unicode.

Every applicant is allowed to apply for a maximum ten schools for Advanced Level classes for 2020 academic year. All the applications should be sent before June 12th, the Ministry sources said. No application will be accepted after this closing date.

As per the general practice students have to call over at schools for applying Advanced Levels but with the implementation of the new system students can send their application from home.

After evaluating the success of the new online application system, a decision will be taken whether to continue it if it is more effective.


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