Some distorted my statement on COVID-19 infections – Mano


Leader of Tamil Progressive Alliance (TPA) Mano Ganesan says that some have distorted a statement he made at a press conference recently.

He mentioned this during a press conference held at the Opposition Leader’s Office, yesterday (19).

He says that he never said that there were 40,000 COVID-19 infected persons in the country.

Instead, he had said that there are 40,000 persons who have had direct contact (first-contact) with the COVID-19 infected persons.

Ganesan says that he was informed about first-contacts through Army Commander Shavendra Silva when all party leaders held a meeting chaired by Prime Minister on March 24.

He further said, “I talked about these first-contacts. However, many politicians and their henchman distorted this and lied that Mano Ganesan said there are more COVID-19 positive patients in the country.


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