Police open fire at speeding car disregarding orders, 3 injured


The police have opened fire at a speeding car which had failed to heed orders to stop at the roadblock near the new bridge in Egoda Uyana, Panadura.

The police officers at the previous roadblock had signalled the car heading towards Panadura to stop, however, it had sped up disregarding the orders.

They had informed the fellow police officers stationed at the next checkpoint of the car in question,

As the car failed to heed the orders again, the police officers have opened fire at it

The car was subsequently found parked near the Base Hospital in Panadura. Three passengers had sustained injuries and one of them was transferred to the National Hospital in Colombo for further treatment.

The driver of the car and the injured passengers have been placed under arrest. They are receiving treatment under police security.

Egoda Uyana Police is conducting further investigations into the incident, the Police Media said.


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